In proceedings where appointment of counsel by the court in pro bono cases is authorized by law and deemed appropriate, reimbursement of expenses from the District Court Fund in a manner similar to that provided by the Regulations Governing the Prepayment & Reimbursement of Expenses of Court Appointed Counsel in Pro Bono Cases may be recommended by a judge acting under this rule within limits and pursuant to procedures provided by such Regulations. Such recommendations will be determined by the chief judge of the District Court.

Committee Note: District Court General Rule 11 covers the filing of in forma pauperis applications, but was not adopted for this Court as part of the general order of the District and Bankruptcy Court of 6 May 1986.

The bankruptcy judges only very rarely face the need to appoint counsel to serve pro bono; for example, debtors without funds who are incarcerated may need counsel to press claims or defenses that appear to have substance. In such situations, it would be helpful in obtaining the help of competent counsel if the court could indicate that their expenses might be reimbursed on the same basis as counsel appointed pro bono in civil cases in the District Court. While the proposal cites the Regulations as guiding reimbursement, it differs from the system used in the District Court in that any approval of reimbursements must be recommended by the appointing bankruptcy judge and approved by the chief judge of the District Court.